9 - 12 MONTHS

A child can usually...


  • Understand about 10 words

  • Respond to their name

  • Recognises sounds and looks for where they are coming from

  • Recognise greetings and gestures, for example, 'hi' and 'bye'

  • Understands commonly used sayings by parents

  • Recognises a few familiar people and objects

  • Anticipation during peek-a-boo

  • Makes eye contact

Toy and Onesie
Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby


  • Start to use sounds, gestures and say a few words

  • Responds to name being called by smiling

  • Continued babbling

  • Copy different sounds and actions

  • Engages in simple turn-taking games

  • Makes some vowel sounds (oo-ee), consonant sounds (p, m, d) and combines sounds to produce a syllable (ma, pa).