3.5 - 4 YEARS

A child can usually...


  • Shows awareness that some words begin or end with the same sound

  • Understands more adjectives, such as 'tall' and 'short'

  • Understands spatial language concepts such as 'next to,' 'behind' and 'in front'

  • Starts to understand 'why' questions

  • Starts understanding some numbers

Numbers Game
Smiling Girl with Book


  • Able to produce 1000-1500 words

  • Correctly starts using personal pronouns such as 'he/she' and 'I/me/mine' and negations such as don't/can't 

  • Starts to use language to make jokes

  • Starts using joining words such as 'and,' 'because' and 'but' to make longer sentences

  • Starts to correctly respond to 'why' questions

  • Can tell a story in the correct sequence of events