12 - 24 MONTHS

A child can usually..


  • Follow simple instructions

  • Point to requested body parts when named

  • Identify familiar objects 

  • Point to pictures in familiar books

  • Understand some simple language concepts, such as when something is 'in' or 'on' something

  • Plays with toys appropriately and engages in play

  • Responds to simple 'wh' questions, for example, "where is the baby?"

  • Responds to simple commands, for example, "no" and "stop"

Children's Toys
Playing in Nursery


  • Says around 50-200 words

  • Imitates most common words and actions

  • Can engage in appropriate pretend play using objects

  • Starts using 'my' and 'mine'

  • Puts two words together, for example, "car go"

  • Uses correct tone of voice when asking a question

  • Can use most vowels and various consonants

  • Speech is 50-75% intelligible to strangers